A pioneer with a vision more than 10 years ago. A European leader today. 10 billion e-kilometres travelled, more than 30,000 employees specifically trained in electric vehicles, and innovation at the very heart of the Alliance: a unique combination that gives Renault Group the competitive edge to offer innovative, sustainable mobility solutions that generate value.

Electrification is a key priority of Renault Group’s ‘Renaulution’ plan – a strategic lever that pivots the Group’s business model towards technology and energy – as it once again becomes a precursor in the value chain of new mobilities.
Renault Group paves the way for a dawning era of automotives. A new era that can be felt quite strongly at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich. Renault is unveiling New Mégane E-Tech Electric, resurrecting its iconic R5, while Dacia is presenting its new flagship family model to the general public. Immersion.

“ At the heart of our Renaulution strategic plan, revealed in early 2021, there is an ambition: to move from volume to value with a clear focus on electrification and master the entire electric vehicle value chain. With the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric, we are now turning this vision into reality and unveiling the first model to embody the Renaulution. ”

luca de meo
CEO Renault Group

A complete industrial overhaul is underway. Strategic announcements made last June at eWays Electro Pop laid the groundwork on which we continue to drive our electric revolution: developing sustainable electric ecosystems, making bold technological decisions, and striving for future models to have a decisive competitive edge.

At the heart of this vision is a clear positioning, spearheaded by a “Made in Europe” ethos. The secret to the Renaulution lies in how we bring together our network of suppliers and partners so our brands can innovate and create value. The All-new Megane E-TECH Electric fully embodies our new strategy and sets the tone for future transformations awaiting all our brands. But beyond our new EV models, we are committed to building an unprecedented ecosystem that covers all grounds.

This begins by completely changing our industrial operations: we now cover electric vehicles in their entirety, from production to recycling. Our plants in Douai, Maubeuge, and Ruitz are the foundations of this new chapter in our history. In joining forces, they form the ‘Made in Renault’ industrial ecosystem known as ElectriCity that will also include an EV battery Gigafactory in the near future. The EV hub is located in northern France and brings Europe even closer to the heart of the Group’s strategy, all the while serving to drive the Alliance’s industrial excellence. The aim is to stimulate innovation and efficiency and thus become the most competitive production centre in this region of the world by producing 400,000 electric vehicles per year.

renault electricity

But that is not all. Transformation of the entire industry also brings forth new challenges: our ambition is for vehicles to last beyond their 1 millionth kilometre. In converting our historic site in Flins into our Re-Factory, we have created Europe’s leading factory dedicated to the circular economy of mobility. This is where the individual parts of your electric vehicle are given a new lease on life.

Having created a favourable environment for our next generation of electric vehicles, we can now move on to developing new technology. And with a 10-year lead in the electric vehicle sector, we are already thinking the next generation. Developed within the Alliance, we are introducing an all-new powertrain that is lighter, more compact, more powerful and, above all, more high-performing than ever. It goes hand in hand with work that goes into our vehicle platforms, which are constantly pushing the limits in terms of modularity.

Innovation is our guiding light for the near future. In manufacturing our upcoming models, ElectriCity’s assembly lines will use our two newest EV-specific modular platforms, CMF-EV and CMF-BEV. These platforms present endless creative opportunities that will benefit the entire Alliance:

In the coming years, no fewer than 10 new EV models from Renault and Alpine will be created using our modular platforms.

IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich is an ideal opportunity for our brands Renault, Dacia, and Mobilize to each showcase a unique model that symbolises our electrical revolution. How about we show you exactly what they look like on site?

Renault, Dacia and Mobilize’s innovations in Munich, as if you were there


The All-new Mégane Renault E-TECH Electric: The new vision Megane

A concentrate of “made in France” design and technology for a heightened driving experience

The All-new Megane E-TECH Electric is the first “Made in Electricity” vehicle, manufactured at the Douai factory in northern France, in the heart our new EV industrial hub. It is also the first model to embody Renault’s ‘Nouvelle Vague’, paving the way for vehicles that harness more innovation and more technology. The ‘new vision’ Megane – all-electric and digital native – is fully integrated into the electrical and digital ecosystem of users. Thanks to the Alliance-developed CMF-EV platform, this powerful saloon pushes the boundaries in terms of design, space-to-wheelbase ratio, driving pleasure, and versatility.

Sensual-tech’: sensual, high-tech design

The All-new Megane E-TECH Electric is the first model of the new generation of ‘EV native’ Renault vehicles. Design around the CMF-EV platform, it is electrical to its core. The first vehicle to proudly display the new Renault logo, its dynamic proportions combining aerodynamics and generous volumes place Megane as a modern and future-forward design.

Its interior offers a new experience of life on board. Our approach in terms of interior design has been to design the cockpit as if it were a living room, with homely furnishings. More space and ergonomics, for additional well-being on board. The interior mood lighting exemplifies the extensive efforts put in by the design teams: during the day or night, unique light moods based on the circadian rhythms mean you are always in synch with your vehicle.

State-of-the-art technology for a more connected experience

The electrical revolution is revolutionizing the automotive industry to the point that it is changing the role cars play in our ecosystems, and that means changes both inside and out. We have therefore reinvented on-board technology to make the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric a connected object that is as intuitive to use as a smartphone or tablet. The crowning jewel of the cockpit is the brand new OpenR screen that combines the instrument panel and multimedia screen in one single surface. Run by the new OpenR Link system, it was developed with Google and based on the renowned Android OS.

Your favourite apps are now directly accessible on board via the Google Voice Assistant! Advanced customization, remote controlled climate control, planning and route optimisation for long journeys: the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric offers a full-fledged experience of connected electrical mobility. More than a just car, it is a true service. Its design represents its soul, where technology brings the vehicle to life.

All-new Megane, all-new sensations!

The CMF-EV platform used for the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric ensures a comfortable, dynamic, agile, and precise driving experience. In a nutshell, it’s a pleasure to drive! With 10 years of expertise in electric vehicles, we have applied all our knowledge to offer balanced performance and total versatility. For example, the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric harnesses the new and more powerful electrically excited synchronous motor running at 160 kW, or 218 hp. That is as powerful as a GTI! At the same time, it guarantees optimum energy efficiency with a range of up to 470 km and a record charging time of 300 km WLTP in just 30 minutes on a 130-kW fast charging point. In real-world terms, that is the same as a one-way trip on a motorway from Paris-Lyon, Paris-La Rochelle, Hanover-Copenhagen or even Munich-Venice with just one 30-minute stop! It goes without saying that Megane is in it for the long haul!

Dacia Jogger: for large families in need of a getaway

An ‘all-rounder’ car for large families, soon fitted with a hybrid engine!

The 2021 edition of IAA Mobility in Munich is a year where we reinvent our most popular iconic models. After Renault’s compact saloon, it is now Dacia’s turn to completely rethink its family car. In terms of design but also engines, as this latest iteration will feature a hybrid version as of 2023 thereby becoming the most accessible 7-seater hybrid on the market. Currently available in two engine types, including the ECO-G 100, Dacia Jogger is well suited to whatever use a family may have. A truly versatile car, it is the Dacia ‘all-rounder’.

Escape into the great outdoors with the whole family

With its outdoor spirit, Dacia Jogger is made for venturing out into the open air and reconnecting with nature. Its generous dimensions, dynamic and robust profile, and its capacity to seat up to 7 adults are features often sought-after by families looking for versatility. This new model is the perfect companion for every family trip, from the mundane to the unexpected. With no fewer than 60 possible passenger compartment configurations and 24 litres of storage distributed throughout, Jogger boasts unrivalled modularity and all the essential features for this all-rounder to quickly become a family favourite.

It is simple, Dacia Jogger is true to the spirit of Dacia

Dacia Jogger is a prefect representation of the Dacia spirit: clever, practical, simple, and economical. It is most apparent with the Media Control system that can be run using the free app available on all smartphones. Offer essential features also means offering the latest generation of technology. As with Sandero and Sandero Stepway, Dacia uses the Alliance’s new modular CMF-B platform for maximum space and versatility. The Dacia spirit is also about freedom of choice: from on-board equipment to the engine, the brand offers customizable, tailored solutions for everyone to create their own essential design.

The Future is in the headlights: the brand evolves with the times

Dacia Jogger embodies Dacia’s new brand identity, with a style that evokes endurance and the thirst for getting out into nature.It offers a range of engines that different desires and uses. The all-new petrol engine TCe 110 includes technical innovations that increase output, improve fuel consumption, and reduce CO2 emissions. Dacia is the only manufacturer to offer petrol/LPG dual-fuel engines across the entire range. Bearing the ECO-G label, it is a guarantee of lower CO2 emissions and greater range (up to 1,100 km) thanks to its dual-tank system. Finally, electrification is still evolving at Dacia. Along with Spring – the electric city car – Jogger will become the brand’s first hybrid model in 2023. And that’s just the beginning.


Mobilize Limo: making mobility carbon-free

At last, ride-hailing transport now has its own flexible e-mobility solution

At IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Mobilize will unveil its first all-electric saloon for the ‘ride-hailing’ market of taxi and chauffeur services. Mobilize Limo is a flexible and innovative mobility solution geared towards private transport professionals on a subscription-only basis with flexible rates and mobility offers that include both the car and associated services. This new vehicle reflects the Mobilize brand’s vision of going beyond just automotives by offering mobility, energy and data-related services for individuals, companies, and municipalities.

mobilité flexible mobilize

A comfortable, quiet saloon for driving around town

We know full well that driving on city roads is increasingly complex. Cities are congested, noisy, and increasingly subject to traffic restrictions that seek to make them more liveable and breathable, such as the recent creation of Low Emission Zones (LEZ). This all-electric saloon is a response to the rise in environmental awareness that is being felt in many sectors, including mobility. Mobilize Limo is a protective bubble of silence and comfort within the urban jungle, a simple and affordable mobility solution for drivers and passengers alike. From the outset, everything has been designed around notions of service and use, to come up with the most practical solution possible. With a range verging on 450 km (pending official WLTP range), it means chauffeurs can work two full days without having to recharge.

A flexible ‘à la carte’ mobility service

Starting in July 2022, Mobilize Limo will be marketed through flexible packages that include both the vehicle and additional services. A selection of ‘à la carte’ mobility solutions will ensure professional drivers who are accustomed to great flexibility will find peace of mind be they full-time, part-time, or one-off drivers. The full range of services can be tailored, with as many options as there are different uses and needs! Thanks to corporate partnerships with a number of start-ups, Mobilize Limo will also manage additional services that taxi and chauffeur drivers need when it comes client dispatch, payment, and recharge solutions.


More than just a vehicle, an affordable ‘zero-emission’ model ideally suited to the ride-hailing industry

Mobilize is a brand that is committed to widespread carbon-free mobility. Together with Mobilize Limo, it is shaking up the ride-hailing industry at a time when electrification is helping usher in an era where mobility is more sustainable and eco-friendly. Beyond automotives, the broader mobility industry must be more electric and shared. In an age of multi-modal mobility, developing solutions for the ‘ride-hailing’ market is both an economic and responsible decision for a ‘hybrid’ brand that seeks to create a truly carbon-free mobility sector.

It is clear that taxi and chauffeur drivers spend most of their time on urban and peri-urban roads. So, it makes sense to give them a tool that is adapted to their business but one that is also compatible with traffic restrictions that impact their working environment. This is one step closer to an entirely carbon-free mobility sector.

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All-New Dacia Jogger: a new take on the 7-seater family car

Following its small all-electric Spring city car, compact Sandero, and SUV Duster, Dacia is now revamping its family car into a new 7-seater model.

In a class of its own, the Dacia Jogger takes the best features of all other categories: the length of an estate, the spaciousness of a minivan, and the rugged look of an SUV. A true member of the Dacia family, it is the most spacious model on the market with enhanced modularity (60 possible interior configurations). Discover the new take on the 7-seater family car by Dacia.

denis le vot

“Once again, Dacia is changing the rules as it reinvents the versatile, affordable family car. As either a 5 or 7-seater, Jogger perfectly embodies Dacia’s positioning and spirit. With versatility thanks to its record levels of space and modularity and an attractive, rugged design, Jogger is made for adventure. Jogger underscores Dacia’s commitment to making mobility accessible to all and sustainable, as highlighted by its upcoming hybrid model. Whether you’re with your family, running an errand, or enjoying some leisure time, Jogger is your ideal companion”.

Denis Le Vot
CEO Dacia

Designed for the ideal getaway

Dacia Jogger looks rugged thanks to its roof rails, strong wheel arches, and high clearance (200mm when empty) to handle any type of road. Depending on the chosen version, Dacia Jogger comes with modular roof rails that can quickly and easily be turned into a roof rack. fitted with large diameter wheels (660mm) and a high wheel edge, it gives off a feeling of robustness. At 4.55m long, Dacia Jogger is the longest of the Dacia range. The perfect dimensions for families looking for a versatile car.

Space and comfort throughout

With three rows of seats, Dacia Jogger can carry up to 7 adults. Boasting the best interior space on the market and 24 litres of practical storage compartments, everyone on board has optimal comfort. The 3-seater bench seat in row 2 and the two individual seats in the rear can be configured in 60 different combinations. The boot has a maximum load capacity of 1,819 dm3 VDA when the bench seats folded down.

Multimedia: Freedom of choice

Dacia Jogger incorporates three multimedia options so that everyone can choose the right kit for them: the nifty Media Control can be run with or without a smartphone, Media Display and its 8-inch touch screen, and Media Nav with navigation and Wi-Fi enabled smartphonemirroring. Dacia Jogger features additional equipment as optional extras and depending on the market. Such extras include heated front seats, automatic air conditioning with digital display, hands-free key card, electric parking brake, and reversing camera.

A real Dacia, essential and efficient

Dacia Jogger is built on a modern platform with a reinforced body, six air bags, and features the latest in ADAS such as automatic emergency braking and blind spot detection. The Dacia Jogger launch model will be available with either the all-new Tce 110 petrol motor or the ECO-G 100 petrol/LPG dual-fuel engine. The latter boasts a range of over 1,000 km, all thanks to its two fuel tanks: 40L for LPG and 50L for petrol. 2023 will see the addition of a hybrid engine to the Dacia Jogger line, making it the first hybrid model of the full Dacia range. It will thus become the most affordable 7-seater hybrid on the market.

7 seats

Dacia Jogger is the ideal companion for families

1,000 km

the total range of Dacia Jogger with the ECO-G 100 motor thanks to its dual petrol/LPG fuel tanks.


the year Dacia Jogger hybrid will be released.


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